We are a full-service pawn shop. We sell and offer loans on a wide range of items including:

  • Firearms: Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Etc.
  • Jewelry: Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, Charms, Pendants, Watches, Etc.
  • Electronics: TV's, DVD And Blue Ray Players, Stereo Equipment, Speakers, Bluetooth Speakers, Calculators, GPS, Projectors, Cell Phones, Roku, Apple TV, Etc.
  • Video Games: Consoles and Games
  • Musical Equipment: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Guitar Strings, Keyboards, Drums, Recording Equipment, Microphones, DJ Equipment, PA Systems, Microphones, Assorted Cablers, Etc.
  • Computer Equipment: Laptops, Tablets, Hard Drives, Web Cams, Etc.
  • Lawn and Garden: Lawnmower, Weed Eaters, Hedgers, Tillers, Chainsaws, Trailers, Shovels, Rakes, Etc.
  • Defense Accessories: Ammunition, Tactical Lights, Mace, Stun Guns, Holsters, Etc.
  • Sporting Equipment: Bicycles, Air Guns, Bows, Kayaks, Canoes, Boats, Boat Motors, Camping Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Golf Clubs, RC Cars, Knives, Trail Cams
  • Coins
  • Small Appliances: Microwaves, Toaster Ovens, Air Conditioners, Heaters, Fryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Etc.
  • Tools: Air Tools, Power Tools, Cordless Tools, Hand Tools, Electrician Tools



Quality Products At A Fraction Of the Cost

Pawn Max provides the community easy access to money when they need it. We provide confidential, immediate cash on a wide variety of merchandise. Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience. We have made thousands of cash loans to the residents of Macon and all surrounding areas and counties. For years, Pawn Max has been dealing in high-quality merchandise. We are not your typical pawn shop; we offer the lowest interest guaranteed and pay the most for your valuables.  Our stores are designed to provide you with a clean and inviting environment. Come in to Pawn Max—you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spot!

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